Greetings from Seeds on Wheels!

While spring is coming to the northern hemisphere of our planet and the nature is waking, we are excited about the beginning of our journey and our first blog writing.


The Last Supper in Istanbul

Since we met our caravan who will come along with us in our trip  that we have dreamed of, we were trying to be adapted to the  vehicle while arranging to leave Istanbul.

While leaving the life we got used to, the first steps of beginning an indefinite and  exciting new life were like the steps we took when we  were infants.

First we quit our jobs, commended Badem, our cat, to safe hands and then we left our home. We have spent the last days before  saying goodbye to the megalopolis with our friends and trying to know our 35 years old  caravan better.

Our sweet Badem

To examine the waste oil kit produced by ATG and marketed by Karaerler in Turkey, we drove to Ankara first. After our meeting, we have departed towards Akçay where we are going to stay for 2 weeks.

During these weeks, we will be doing small changes like sunshade and closets for our home on wheels while trying to explore the vehicle to be able to solve technical problems that we can face with in our trip.

We will be publishing the last events on blog whenever we can.

With the hope the renewal brought by spring spread everywhere.

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