We go behind the green mountains that we have seen  2 years ago from the other side of the border (Georgia-Armenia), to the deep valley shaped by Chorukh river. We take a minibus from Trabzon to Borçka and our adventure begins. We learn that the last minibus towards Karagöl has gone and we have 25 […]


We leave Russia and enter Georgia without visa, passing Kazbegi border check point on Caucasian Mountains. Then we start hitchhiking towards Tbilisi on the road between mighty Kazbek and Shani mountains, following the Valley of Terek River, which is being blocked due to landslides time by time. When we reach Tbilisi with a family from […]

Russia (From East to West)

We travel towards Russia again in the end of August. After 100 kilometers north of Ulanbataar, the sky becomes grey and sunshine is too weak to warm. We thought that it was because of air pollution until we reached Khyagt when we passed the border, where we learnt that the reason was the forest fire […]

Poem for Mongolia (Illustrated)

(Click to extend photos)   Carrying out backpacks, showing our thumbs We wait near a road; no trees and no cars After getting on a car of a Kazakh family We reach Olgii, Mongolia’s western city       We don’t know Mongolian, no one speaks English But in Bayan Olgii, we communicate in Turkish […]


Before we started travelling, we researched about South Asian countries a lot; but we didn’t think that someday we will go to Russia. We hastily write how to read Cyril letters on a paper; we can read almost everything even we can’t understand what it is. Irina, with whom we met on the plane, takes […]


You might have to take a sprained ankle serious. Especially if you are travellers walking close to forest and far from cities with a huge backpack with a tent, sleeping bag, camping equipment and some food in it, you have to be more careful while walking. “Consult a doctor for serious injuries”. When your ankle […]

Farewell Southeast Asia: Cambodia and Malaysia

After 100 meters of walking through the gate, a couple of kilometers away from Aranyaprathet –a border town of Thailand-, we enter Cambodia. In several minutes, we get our visa for 30 days after paying 30$ and start waiting for the bus to go to Siem Reap. Currency of Cambodia is US Dollars ($). Riel […]

Thailand (Bangkok and the North)

We leave Nepal, where we came on foot, by walking again; in the beginning of May. There are two days for our India visa to expire and we take the train from Raxaul to Kolkata to catch our flight to Bangkok. We spent only one day in Kolkata in full thanks to Pankaj who hosted […]

Walking on the Roof of the World

We enter Nepal from Kakarbhitta border by walking, after passing the bridge between India and Nepal. We wouldn’t even go through passport check if he hadn’t enter the single-store building after seeing the small old signboard on it. We get our visa in a couple of minutes after paying 40$ as enrty fee and the […]

North India (Varanasi and Darjeeling)

Next to slowly flowing river Ganges, inhabited for over 3000 years; the holy city Varanasi. The city of Shiva, god of destruction, those who died here and ashes of the bodies of whom mix with the river is believed to be freed from the circle of life, whose souls are liberated. The city, bringing Hindus […]

North India (Rajasthan and Agra)

We leave Hampi and reach Mumbai in morning hours after 18 hours of journey. We didn’t plan to go to Mumbai as we wanted to keep away from the chaos of big cities, but we had to transfer there on the way to Rajasthan. We had the chance to wander in Mumbai for 14 hours, […]


In our long trip from the south of India to the north, we left Karnataka at the end of February, where we came at the end of January. Gokarna, where we arrived after 16 hours of train journey starting from Mysore, is a settlement in Karnataka State of India, south of Goa. It is a […]