Our dream is that every seed, every bee, every butterfly, every earthworm, every person, every child be free of manipulation and control, hunger and disease; that they evolve and co-evolve in freedom, well-being and health.

—Vandana Shiva

“We wanted to pace the world with what the Earth presents us, rather than those stolen from the planet. We dreamed of two wheels and pedals first, but we came across with some health problems. Now, we are going to where the road, dreams and life take us with a caravan older than both of us. We run our van with waste oil, instead of fossil fuels stolen from the hearth of the earth, to have less carbon in our footprints. Also the sun, that gives life to the whole world, will give electricity to our home on wheels.

Surya Namaskara (Salute the Sun)!”

we said while we begin our journey. With our oil-powered caravan, we travelled from the Aegian Sea to the Mediterranean and to Central Anatolia. Within our trip in Turkey, we have travelled for more than 10000 kilometers, have been to 20 different cities, visited 10 ecological communities/organic farms and met many beatiful people with whom we shared our dreams and seeds. 

Then we left our eco-van in Turkey and continued our trip in Asia. Rather than carrying the financial burden of taking our caravan abroad, we decided to carry our backpacks. From India to Malaysia, from Mongolia to Iran, we have travelled in 12 countries and shared our adventures.



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