Poem for Mongolia (Illustrated)

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Carrying out backpacks, showing our thumbs

We wait near a road; no trees and no cars

After getting on a car of a Kazakh family

We reach Olgii, Mongolia’s western city





We don’t know Mongolian, no one speaks English

But in Bayan Olgii, we communicate in Turkish

We found a river and pitched up our tent

There is nothing to do, but 3 days we spent




After taking shower in the bathhouse of Olgii,

Towards Tolbo Lake, started to hitchhike lately

The lake is clean, cool and nice

There are only horses, gulls and us




No one passing by, we start feeling dull

Mongolian Rally cars are completely full

We reached Khovd city in the late evenin’

There we camped with a Chilean and a Finn




Pastures everywhere, freely feeding animals

The sheep, goats, camels, cows and horses

No fence, no tree, no farms; nothing

What would Alan Savory think?




Under the sun, all day just hitchhiking

We get Asian eyes because of the shining

Roads are bumpy, no asphalt at all

Please take us; we have tobacco to roll




We camp anywhere, everywhere is good

Rivers are clean, but meat is the only food

In Mongolia it’s hard to be vegetarian

Can’t imagine being a vegan




Our best friends become truck drivers

We like to join them for long distances

баярлалаа is a word we learned primarily

It means thank you, if you can say it correctly




There are stones on the road, on and on

And there are blue clothes put upon

When we see them people say “Shaman”

But they can be Buddhists’, not only Shaman




Mongolians drink alcohol a lot

And they always share it in a pot

Vodka is considered a sacred drink

Also there is airag, made of horse milk




Just by one car we go from Altai to Ulyastai

Valley is green and mountains are high

It would be nice to camp near the river

But the family invites us for the dinner




It is warm in the day but it gets colder at night

In Ulyastai it snows because of the height

We cannot get out, in the city we stuck

No one knows English, nobody to talk




Genghis Khan is important, almost holy

He has pictures everywhere, also on the money

On the wall of our room, he looks at us

Then we take a photo, where he looks nice




Yoko saves us from Ulyastai city

She is so cute, also lived in Turkey

We pass the mountains covered by snow

Then it is warm again, because it is low




We get tired and camp so soon

Milky Way is shining, also the moon

Above us, floating white clouds

Around us, the sheep and the goats




There is a lake we camped, called Teerkin Tsagan Nuur

Ger camps, horses and tourist coming by a tour

There is a volcano just next to it

The view worth climbing up on it




The family takes us is just super

Three kids, father, and the mother

English is perfect they are speaking

Then they take us to a hot spring




Hot water is heating our body

The Ger we stay is warm and cozy

In the forest we gather some mushrooms

But we don’t know if they are poisonous




We hitchhike on Bilge Kağan highway

To visit Orkhon Inscriptions, on our way

We pitch our tent and wait for the morning

But the museum is really disappointing




In 20 days we travelled for thousands of miles

After we just walk on mountains and on grass

We arrived Ulan Bator where all road leads

Welcome to the huge metropolis




Out of the city children ride horses

They drink yak milk and run on pastures

But in modern, civilized Ulan Bator city

There are crowded streets and it is noisy




Thereby ends our trip in Mongolia

And we hit the road towards Siberia

Seeds on Wheels say more adventure

They don’t know anything about the future

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