Our hands are touching the earth and growing seeds with other hands. We think all together and grow together.Our dreams meet and our hopes grow. Our hearts, minds and hands come together; and we realise! We all meet around the dining table of the earth.

Then we open our arms and immediately another hand catches one of our hands.

While we are on our way to learn from nature and people who acts with nature, we visit communities interested in ecology and ecologic farms to join their work voluntarily.

There are a lot of organizations connecting people who want to work voluntarily with communities who need volunteers. Via these organizations, you can contact with farms and communities to support them using your skills according to their needs in return for food and a place to sleep. Also you get a greal deal experiences about sustainable life and organic farming at the end of this process.

Working in farms this way is called Woofing. It is named by one of the most popular platforms in this field, WWOOF.

WWOOF, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, was founded by an English woman Sue Coppardand and active in almost every country. You should check the WWOOF web site of the country you want to work. For example, you can get information from wwoofgreece.org for Greece, wwoofindia.org for India. You get the right of access to telephone and e-mail information of farm residents to contact after paying membership fee (15-30 Euros) in each country. Any farming information is not required to join.

In Turkey, the project is led under the name of TaTuTa (Eco-Agro Tourism and Voluntary Knowledge and Skills Exchange on Organic Farms) by Buğday Association. The main goal of TaTuTa project, in cooperation with international WWOOF organization, is to encourage ecologic farming and obtain sustainability by providing financial, voluntary and/or informative support for farmers earning their living with ecologic farming in Turkey. You can visit member farms as a volunteer or visiter for 1 year after paying registration fee (60 TRY in 2014). Members of Buğday Association can benefit from the project for free.

Via web sites like HelpX and WorkAway, providing opportunities to work while travelling, you can contact and work voluntarily in ecologic farms and organizations in a many countries. For these web sites, it is needed to pay 20-30 € and it is necessary to decide where to go after examining the comments by volunteers who has been there before, working hours and the situation as they are not checked by any organization.

We continue our trip in South Asia as eco-volunteers to learn methods of eco-friendly production and consumption while sharing what we learn to remember our responsibilities on ecologic life for contributing sustainability of biologic diversity and natural cycles.