Seeds on Wheels, is a travelling project we have started with a caravan, running with waste oil and producing its own electricity, to gather information and experience about ecologic life while sharing the seeds of ideas we gain.

In our trip form Anatolia to South Asia, we present our skills while working voluntarily for communities interested in sustainability and researching the methods of natural farming in the places we visit. Throughout this journey we aim to spread the idea of ecologic life and strenght local communities by sharing our experiences both with people we run into and on the internet.

The reason that led us for such a journey was our common concerns about global subjects like climate change, reducing bio-diversity, deforestation, GMO, animal rights. We wanted start a change for ourselves to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, protect water resources, provide access to healthy local food instead of industrial products. We decided to act to start a self-sufficient life, showing respect to all living beings, each of whom is an expression of life, with the things the earth, water and the sun present us.

In the beginning, we were planning to travel by bicycles to reduce our carbon footprint to minimum. But after the chronic coccyx and lower back dislocation that Ebru had, we have started to look for an alternative way satisfying our ecologic and economic concerns.

After finding Waste Oil Conversion Systems for diesel vehicles, we have worked more for a while, and thanks to the love, courage and ideas given by people around us; we got our tiny caravan that we can install the system.

In this journey we carry out to acquire sustainable life experiences, we wanted our vehicle to use renewable resources. By converting our caravan to an eco-van, we produced electricity with the energy of the sun while running our caravan with the waste oil collected by restaurants and people we communicate.

First, we took part voluntarily in 10 different ecologic farms to support them and to benefit from their sustainable living experiences in Anatolia. We had the chance to experience and learn about different kind of communities, how to make natural houses using many different materials, life conditions in different regions and the necessities of living while saving the nature. And of course, we have explored many different beautiful places of Anatolia and met lots of beautiful people.

We were planning to go to South Asia through Iran by our caravan to have a similar sharing with communities abroad. But, both because of the length of the road lying before us and also because of the financial burden of such a trip by caravan (the vehicle passport, traffic insurance, Carne de Passage etc.) we decided to continue with our backpacks.

Now we continue our trip in South Asia starting from India to experience ecologic life movements and we continue to share what the road brings us, what we see and our ideas in our blog.

With the hope of germinating seeds and spreading the change.