İndia; More Spice?

In Chennai, where we took out first step to India, we had the chance of meeting one of the most important part of this culture; Indian Cuisine.

India is a vegetarian friendly country due to the necessities of Hindu culture. On the package of every product, there is either a red or a green dot. The products with a green dot are vegetarian. They don’t contain meat or egg. In most of the restaurants, vegetarian foods are in majority.

Pastries and fries are prevalent and the dishes are prepared on wood fire. Creppe like foods called Dosa, Uttapam, Idly are served with stews in small cups, and they are highly filling. Of course there is a lot of spice in almost everything. It’s needed to get used to eating spicy food and also to eat by your hands without using forks and spoons. And sometimes even without a plate. In southern India, food is served on banana leaves in some restaurants.


Papaya and pineapple is widely available. We run into hawkers who prepare mixed fruit salad and fresh juice on streets. Another thing that you can drink is coconut! It is served with a straw. Walkşng around with a huge fruit is very enjoyable.

The thing we got addicted and eat almost every day between meals is banana chips. It looks like thick potato chips. A salted and fried sweet fruit might sound weird, but it tastes amazing.

After five days we spent in Chennai, trying to know Indian culture and its cuisine closer, we move towards the south, to Mahabalipuram. The town, also known as Maamalapuram or Mahabs in short, is famous with its beaches and temples which are declared as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


We stay in Bob Marley Café for 2 nights in Mahabs. The owner has two spare rooms for Couchsurfers, which he uses normally as a guesthouse. We sleep under a roof made by banana leaves, next to the ocean…

After resting in this small town, which is relaxing after a big city like Chennai, we hit the road towards Auroville. To an “Unindian” place in India…

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