The Travellers Who Sold Their Caravan

Murtaza'yla İlk Gecemiz

The First Night with Murtaza

Up to now, we made more than 10.000 kilometers on our journey we started 6 months ago. We have been in 20 different cities, visited 10 farms and eco-villages, and camped in more than 40 different places. We met many nice people… Sometimes we stuck on the road, had some trouble. But we didn’t regret even just for one day… Throughout this time, we have written 18 blogs and shared more than 300 photographs.

Now, our journey will continue abroad, in South Asia. But, we will be travelling without our fellow, Murtaza. We leave our caravan who took us everywhere and carried all our load. Both because of the length of road lying before us, and because of the extra fund needed for caravan to go out of the country (Vehicle Passport, Traffic Insurance, Carnet de Passages etc.), we are leaving with our backpacks.

We won’t be on the same four wheels anymore. But with different kind of transports –by train, by hitchhiking, however we can- we continue exploring different places of Asia to learn about ecologic life and share the seeds in our bags and to share what we learned.



On 11 of November, we are going to India (Chennai) from Istanbul by plane. Our journey will start form there, and our first stops will be Sadhana Forest and Auroville. Sadhana Forest is a project for the re-forestration of a land of 70 hectares effected by erosion with locals also to produce food for the people. And Auroville is the largest eco-village or eco-town of the world; population: 2500 approx. We are willing to experience these communities by working voluntarily.

Thanks for everybody who supported, donated, helped, inspired, invited, hosted and greeted us…


  1. Hey! Wish you bes of luck 🙂
    But you should have visitef Iran on your way to India!
    Iran also has great nature 🙂

    • Thanks a lot! We want to go to Iran, but on our way back. 🙂 Take care….


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