A Garden in Mediterranean: Flora

After the cold climate of Konya, warmth of Mediterranean covers us again.

We met with our friends again, who we were together frequently before our trip. In Adrasan, Çıralı and Phaselis… Close to full moon… We were together around the fire and under the sky again…

Then we followed the road into the forest from Çıralı. We found the wooden house on the skirts of Tahtalı Mountain, in the middle of hundreds kinds of flowers…

The Home

The Home

The first night, we came together around the fire in the garden enlightened by the full moon. On the first night of the unity of different lives, it was like the existence of all these lives just for that night. We were like souls re-united in a world surrounded by the forest. The flames of the fire were waving in each of us, even most of us met each other for the first time and for the first time we were all together. A harmony like that could only exist in the uniqueness of an existence of such a spontaneous gathering.

Everything standing and growing on the earth of the garden was sharing its beauty with us. Cats, dogs, the cactus… Even a dragonfly standing on a herb in the garden…

Praying Mantis


We left ourselves in the calmness of the Garden, which was sown by Selahattin and Ayşe. A purifying and healing area is created in the place, where everybody is invited to join the flora. A place, in which you are involved to the living even in a short visit… A convent welcoming everybody…

Not only living ecologically, but also creating a new way of living is the aim of Flora Mediterranean Garden. It is like a place, in which a new, different thing is about to be born.

Each bread is named by the person who kneads the dough. When we were there, the bread was named as “The Bread of Birth”. Birth and Bread…,

We planted the first seedlings of our trip in this Garden. In real terms… We presented a pear and a fig tree to this place, where everything is blessed in every interaction in the name of our supporter company Sedef Yeni Nesil Çözümler. To grow with love and hope here…



With the sunrise on Bonus Hill our soul, with the touch of the earth our body, and with the healing given by everybody our mind is renewed in Flora.

The road to the forest is in our mind. After the other roads lying before us, we hope to take this road again someday…


Flora of Friedship


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