Once Upon a Time in Travellers’ World

                Travellers find travellers on the road.

                A hitch-hiker, who we took while we were going from Fethiye to Bördübet, calls us when we were in Amazon. We say where we are and comes by hitch-hiking again. Just at that time, another car arrives with four people in it. Two couples one of which travelling by their car and the other one is travelling by hitch-hiking. They had met on the way too. By the way, at this precise moment, 9 people come together who met just because they are all on the same road. We share the night at the same table on the ground, around the same fire. After the staff of Amazon Club came and put out our fire, we continue talking by lighting lots of candles. Also a couple with a caravan camps close to us.



                We leave there with 5 people in the morning. With Selçuk, Anıl and Büşra, except us. We decide to spend the day and night together. We decide where to go all together as five travellers in the same caravan. We climb to Bayır Village in Marmaris and drink water near an old plane tree. Then we find a place to camp in the forest after taking enough water for all of us. Our dinner is combined of whatever everybody has. At night, we light a fire and talk about our dreams, hopes and despair.


While painting our caravan

While painting our caravan

After spending 2 nights and a whole day together, everybody goes on their way. While we are going north, towards Iasos, Anıl and Büşra goes south, towards Kabak Bay. Selçuk comes with for a while and leaves for a new hitch-hike towards İzmir.

                Iasos is a nice ancient city, also there is a small village, but it’s a place occupied by tourism. After looking for a place among holiday resorts around Güllük Gulf, we stay in an unoccupied bay. The night is enlightened by hotel lights not by the moon and stars, but we have privacy anyway.

                When we park our caravan, a cute dog comes to us. We share our bread with him. And he shares all his night… The night passes with action. Whenever two jackels approach us, our friend disperses them. But when we wake up in the morning, he left without leaving a note.

                We go to İzmir to solve the problem in the tie rod of our vehicle which we realized with sound. We take two hitch-hikers too. A fragile season for hitch-hikers…

                After the repair in Tanju Usta’s Volkswagen Hospital, we hit the road towards Foça. We pay for camping in Eski Foça as we couldn’t find a place for camping and it’s close for sunset. But we don’t regret. We catch the last 10 minutes of sunset and sleep under a quince tree.

                We are on the way to Istanbul after two days we spent in Akçay.

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