Mouse is not Just for Computers

We arrive Marmariç after a long climbing, passing near old houses whose walls stands still. We will be there to get Permaculture Design Course and to take place in the kitchen and in the construction of buildings using earth and stone.

                Different people coming from different places and different lives… All of them have a different story but similar dreams. Those who are trying escape from where civilization trapped.

                Marmariç is a village in where approximately fifteen people living and with volunteers population is rising. One of the places where seeds of a livable planet spread.

                We take classes from the process of nature with Mustafa. About everything from a rain drop that didn’t fall on the ground to a leaf that goes in soil, about the patterns of nature and designs of life.

                The curiosity and uneasiness of the first time passes quickly. Like we were always here and we used to know each other always; since the time when the universe began to expand and stars began shining. Since when the earth has emerged and the life began.

                Everybody is like learning everything again and for the first time. We examine meanings of words and language, like we live the childhood of our lives again. We understand nature like kids trying to understand it freely. We are like listening to sounds, not words.

                Every short break after classes is spent by trying to calm the density of our minds. By asking the questions that we haven’t asked for a long time.

                We walk in gardens in which abundance of forest and rain is gathered.  We help building houses which made by the earth itself.

                We present our spirit, at the end of the long days with inspiration that reaches in our soul: “Permaculte Mantra”.

Little Mouse

Little Mouse

When we have opened our soul to all living beings, some of the other creatures gather around us with the hope of connecting their habitat with ours. One night, rattles in our caravan wakes us. A mouse is wandering inside, maybe wants to be our fellow. If we can communicate, we would like to host it, but when it occupies our privacy, we cannot stand. We leave it into the forest after catching it with a trap to save our food and living place.

We stop in Selçuk, close to Seven Sleepers after leaving Marmariç and heading towards Gökova. Our caravan doesn’t work again after stopping. With the wsih of finding a repairman in the morning, we sleep there with Seven Sleepers.

In the morning, a repairman, who was passing from there by chance, fixes our vehicle. We hit the road again, after fixing a pipe probably damaged by the mouse. Our waste oil system doesn’t work anymore for some time.

We camp near Bafa Lake after a day we spent in Kuşadası. While were sitting next to the lake with fire, sounds coming from the caravan again. It is not the mouse we caught, but one of its friends. We wait for the morning.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley

We go to Ören after drinking ayran in the café of a person who is a fan of Bob Marley in Gölönü accoding to the map, Serçin according to the sign. We spend the night in the garden of a familiar person, in a tent. Leaving the caravan for the mouse… We will leave it free again in a forest on our way when we catch it with the trap.




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