Goodbye Ida Mountains

We left Ida mountains and  hit the road towards Marmariç after staying with Iraz and Eren in Çavuşlu and with İlknur and Tom in Aşağı Çavuş . After Kalkım, before arriving Edremit we had to stop at the middle of the day, at the top of the mountain, when the temperature reached 100 degrees. But we used to know something.

                Do not stop the engine if it is overheated. Let it work in idle. If the temperature doesn’t decrease, turn the air conditioner on. But if you have a car whose air conditioner doesn’t operate, there is nothing to do. And we wait. The temperature doesn’t fall; steam is coming out of the engine. We take risk, incurably we stop the car. We check the motor to see what’s happening.  But it is hard to open the motor in our caravan. First we should fold the sheet. Then we take the bed out. We lift the isolation cover. And finally the cover of the engine…  We add some cold water to cool the engine but it can’t pass to the part where the water is boiling. Why? Because if you heat the water it dilates. It will go away after evaporation but the pressure pushes cold water. I open the hot cover, as there is nothing else to do. With a cloth in my hand and taking cover for my head…  Steam goes out. There, we apply cold water. If we stuck in there, we cannot call for help. Our mobile phones do not operate.

                After a while, we start driving. We climb the hill 20 km/h. When we start going down the hill, Murtaza relaxes. And we go to a camping place in Assos to relax after stress. We will pay for camping for the first time. Some beer, some chips… The sea cleans.

                In the morning, before going to the repairman, we go to Dedetepe Farm to take the seeds sent by Buğday Assosiation. We leave Murtaza to the mechanic that we knew before. They say it will get better tomorrow. We cannot stay with him, Ebru’s father hosts us. So, we have just 1 day to catch PDC Course in Marmariç.

                We leave Akçay about afternoon. Overheating problem is solved. The gauge is OK. Radiator is OK. While travelling with music, we run into two travellers with motorbikes around Dikili. Travellers like travellers. We start following them at the same speed, slowly… Like a Kervan. Once we thought of travelling with motorcycles. But sometimes, some people driving do not recognize people riding. That’s why it’s written on our windshield: “Realize Motorcycles”.

Realize Motorcycles!

Realize Motorcycles!

                Everything happens fast. A car turns right suddenly and one of the riders hit the car. We stop and run. The guy lying down is bleeding but he is alright. We make him talk, make a shadow and put a reflector on the road. We wait there until the ambulance arrives. While leaving, our heart is heavy. Before arriving İzmir, the industrial desert in Aliağa makes it heavier. We want to calm down a bit as soon as possible. We reach Marmariç after taking some other people who participates in the some course with us.


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