On the Road

In an expanding universe, in a galaxy cruising in 550 km per second, around a star moving in 2200 km per second, on a plant orbiting in 29 km per second, we are moving slowly. Without a definite target, without trying to catch something, calmly… And when the side of the earth that we are on turns its back to the sun, we wait for the morning wherever the road brought us.



We are here

   All of us; all the living beings, earth, air and water; are travellers on the planet. We are on the way as long as we exist. Because, being on the way is not only moving on the road. In a vehicle moving from point A to point B, if there is just point B in the person’s mind, s/he is just at the spot between A and B, not on the way. Because being on the way is not being on a spot like in Zenon Paradox, it’s just being the way to there. Even a tree which grows and finally dies on the spot it has fallen when it was a seed is travelling. It changes with everything else around it and travels in the circle of life.

Since we left being settled and begin travelling with our home, making everywhere our home, we are making two different trips that engage. One of them is on the earth and the other one is in us… Our inner travel is also two different engaging trips, two different trips made together by two people.

And Here!

                We are in a place that our trip bring us; Yeniköy, Bayramiç… In the beauty of Ida Mountains, a beautiful and alive space with its visitors, volunteers and inhabitants. Since the day we arrive here, we feel the nature in everything we taste, smell and taste. In the morning first we prepare breakfast for chickens, geese, dogs and cats, then for homo-sapiens. The earth gives each meal and hands cook together. Always we hear a nice music coming from the kitchen with sound of birds. Nature tells us what to do. Harvesting in a sunny day, and reading books with cats on our laps when it’s raining.

                Our journey is going on… While watching the nature cuddling us with all its sincerity and love…

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