Our dream is that every seed, every bee, every butterfly, every earthworm, every person, every child be free of manipulation and control, hunger and disease; that they evolve and co-evolve in freedom, well-being and health.

—Vandana Shiva

“We wanted to pace the world, facing the sun and making do with what the earth presents us, rather than what are seized from the planet. It was two wheels and pedals that we dreamed of. But we came across some chronic health problems… Now, we are going to where the road, dreams and life take us with a caravan older than both of us. We are running our car using waste oil instead of fossil fuels, stolen from the hearth of the earth, to have carbon as few as possible within our footprints. Also the sun, that gives life to whole the world, will give electricity to our home on wheels.

Surya Namaskara!”

we said in the beginning of our journey. We travelled with our caravan, powered by renewable resources, from the coasts of Aegian Sea to Mediterranean and to the steppes of Central Anatolia. Throughout our trip in Turkey, we have travelled for more than 10000 kilometers, seen 20 different cities, visited 10 ecologic farms and met many beatiful people. We shared 18 blogs and more than 300 photographs with our experiences.

Now we continue our trip in Asia, but without our caravan, with backpacks. Rather than carrying the financial burden to take our caravan abroad, we decided to carry our backpacks. Now seeds are on many different wheels, and we continue to share what we experienced.